General information about the use of contact lenses

Toric Contact Lenses

Toric contact lenses are special lenses used to correct a symptom called astigmatism. Like the bifocal contact lenses,

these also have two powers in them, created with curvatures at different angles, one, which is used to correct astigmatism and the other for myopia or hyperopia.

Toric lenses are made of the same material as the other regular lenses; they can be either soft toric lenses or RGP toric lenses. Many brands of soft toric lenses are now available as frequent replacement, disposable and even daily disposable lenses. Toric lenses also have silicone hydrogel for 30-day wear. Toric lenses are also found in different colors, which help in changing the color of your eye if you should so desire. In a new development there are multifocal torics used to correct presbyopia.

Toric lenses have a special mechanism that keep them firmly positioned and stable on the eye even when you blink or look around. Since they do not rotate on your eye, they provide you with a crisper, better vision.

Fitting a toric lens requires more time, effort and expertise from the lens care practitioner. Thus, often the toric lens fitting is often more expensive than that of a regular lens. Moreover, the lenses themselves tend to be costlier than normal lenses.

It is advisable to visit an eye care professional for a comfortable fitting of your toric lenses. Not only will he determine if you need toric lenses or any other kind, but they will also identify the best lens design for you.