General information about the use of contact lenses

Top Reasons to get Contact Lenses

The first and most important reason to get contact lenses is that they offer better vision than eyeglasses. There is no distortion nor is there a loss of peripheral vision.

Contact lenses make it easier to play sports and do away with the hindrance of the constant adjustment required by eyeglasses.

With contact lenses, you are free to buy and wear any kind of fancy and designer sunglasses. This cannot be done while wearing prescription glasses.

Contact lenses do not fog up and you do not have to remove them in rain or snow.

Some contact lenses even correct your vision, while you are sleeping enabling glasses-free or contacts-free vision during the day.

If you opt for the convenience of contact lenses, you will not need the laser eye surgery as you will have the great vision without the hassle of eyeglasses.

Contact lenses come in different colours. You can wear prescription colour contact lenses of different hues to change the colour of your eyes or match the outfit you are wearing.

With contact lenses you do not have to worry about changing your spectacle frames to match the fashion trend that season. Contact lenses are always in fashion.