General information about the use of contact lenses

Special Effect or theatrical contact lenses

Special-effect contact lenses are available for theatrical, and novelty uses. These lenses have no prescription and can be used whether or not you wear eyeglasses or contact lenses. Special effect lenses are not used for vision correction. However, by virtue of them being medical devices, it is better to get a contact lens prescription from a doctor before using them. This will protect you from eye infections and other risks of wearing contact lenses, if not fit properly. They also need to be cleaned and disinfected properly just as you would do any other contact lens. An eye infection through improper use may lead to vision impairment and even blindness.

Many of the special effects you see in movies are the result of specially designed contact lenses. People even use special effect lenses on Halloween. Besides changing the color of your eyes these actually enhance the costume and appearance for giving a totally new look. For example, tiger eyes or vampire eyes work well with similar costumes to match.

Special effects lenses can be bought from any eye care professional who fits and prescribes contact lenses. They are as safe as any other contact lenses provided you look after them well and do not abuse them.

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