General information about the use of contact lenses

Non-prescription colored contact lenses

Non-prescription colored eye contacts are color contact lenses that can be purchased without prescription. They are also called cosmetic lenses and can be used to bring about special effects and different colors and tints in contact lenses. With their popularity rising, these can be bought on line as well.

Non-prescription contact lenses are typically disposable contact lenses that have to be discarded after a specific time period. Normal durability and usage of these lenses is from two to four weeks. They are also available at affordable prices and many retailers offer non-prescription contact lenses for free trials as well. Non-prescription colored contact lenses usually have a price range of $25 to $30.

Various online sites including 'Freshlook' contact and Acuvue contact offer these non-prescription contact lenses.

Freshlook offers all its cosmetic contact lenses without a prescription, as these are purely for theatrical or special use. However, if you have a vision problem, you could opt to use colored contact lenses with vision corrective modules. For this you cannot simply buy a non-prescriptive lens; you will have to contact a doctor and get a proper eye check up and fitting according to your prescription.

Today, many young people wear non-prescriptive contact lenses in order to customize their eyes with their favorite shades, fashion and appearance. It is important that you go through a contact lens review before buying these non-prescription cosmetic contacts.