General information about the use of contact lenses

More about contact lenses

Cost of contact lenses - The cost of contact lenses varies with the type of lens you use. However, with disposables now readily available, contact lenses are a very affordable option for vision correction. You could even wear contact lenses as a combination with eyeglasses, for example while playing sports or going out to parties etc. at very cheap prices.

Vision correction - Contact lenses have been used for vision correction for half a century now. Proper care should be taken to minimize risks of infections and irritation. It is believed that though they don't improve your eyesight, they do influence visual changes. Research showed that many young people often experienced myopia or near sightedness when exams drew near. Studies then proved that teenagers who wore contact lenses did not always go through this phenomenon. The rigid nature of the hard contact lenses keeps the cornea from becoming distended. This results in nearsightedness as the focused image falls short of the retina. Today, some eye care professionals prescribe rigid contact lenses to keep teens from becoming more nearsighted.

Reshaping the cornea - Today, technology has advanced so much that even corneal reshaping has become possible. This procedure is called Ortho-K and involves wearing rigid contact lenses at night to reduce the nearsightedness or farsightedness condition already present. Many nearsighted or farsighted people who use corneal reshaping find that, after just a few weeks, they can live through the day normally, without any contact lens or eyeglasses. It is however, necessary for them to wear the lenses at night.

Colored Contact lenses - Many people enjoy wearing colored contact lenses that contain no corrective power. These lenses can enhance or change the color of your eyes. These lenses require the same care in cleaning, rinsing and disinfecting with each removal and insertion.