General information about the use of contact lenses

Contact Lens Cost

Insurance can greatly reduce the out of pocket expense when purchasing contact lenses. Prior to making an appointment for an eye exam, inquire as to whether the provider accepts your insurance plan. Once you select a provider, review your coverage information carefully to determine the out of pocket expense required to purchase contact lenses.

Cost of Contact Lenses - Cost of contacts will depend on several factors such as the type of lens, strength of the prescription and complexity of prescription. After an examination and a fitting, an eye care professional can determine which type of contact lens is best for the patient and provide an approximate cost for these lenses.

Bifocal contact lenses may be more expensive than other types of contact lenses.

Dry Eyes Can Increase the Cost - Those who have chronic dry eyes may find the cost of rewetting drops significantly adds to the overall cost of wearing contact lenses.

O2 Optix contact lenses are specially made to allow more oxygen to reach the eye and to prevent corneal oxygen deficiency.

Cost of Contact Lens Cases – Cases for lenses are generally inexpensive but the price of contact lens cases can vary with the type of cases purchased. More expensive cases may include features such as graphics, mirrors or additional storage space for cleaning solutions, glasses or spare contact lenses

Additional Costs of Contact Lenses – Cost of lenses include cleaning solutions, replacement lenses, and travel and carrying cases along with the cost of the examination, fitting and lenses. Always buy the recommended cleaning solution even if it is expensive for the good health of your eyes. You may also get good discounts and rebates from the manufacturers or the local stores. Your eye care professional may also offer discounts on specific brands and solutions.

Look for discount contact lenses online for good buys.

Cost of Eye Examinations for Contact Lens Wearers - Examinations for those who wear contact lenses are more costly because the eye care professional must examine the eye more closely and perform additional tests to ensure the contact lenses he prescribes will be ideal for the patient.

The Importance of a Proper Contact Lens Fitting - A fitting involves taking eye measurements and extensively evaluating the health of the cornea. This information is important because it will enable the health care provider to select contact lenses which will be both functional and comfortable for the patient. Most eye care providers charge an additional fee for these services.