General information about the use of contact lenses

Contact lens cases

It is extremely important that you look after your contact lenses well. If they are not snuggled against your eye balls, they are most likely to be in a contact lens case. If not cared for, the cases can be an immense source of microbial contamination and thus a danger to your health. Ensure that you buy the right kind of case as well as look after it hygienically so that you avoid any eye infections. So how do you prevent infection from going into your contact lenses and settling into your eyes?

  1. Ensure that you buy a contact lens case that can be easily cleaned, rinsed and air dried. The case should be replaced after every three months of use.
  2. Keep your lenses in a leak-proof case, preferably with rubber gaskets which open easily but fit tightly. Use a lens case that clearly indicates left and right to prevent mix ups.
  3. Make it a habit to put your lens in your clean lens case and then remember to fill it up with the medicated solution prescribed by your doctor. This disinfectant will help kill the micro-organisms on the lens.

There are many lens cases and different types of lenses available in the market today. They are made of different types of materials and many have elaborate and decorative designs. Some lens cases have a name placement tag for your name in case you should lose them Some cases have a mirror in the lid that you can use when you are inserting or removing your lenses.

Whatever contact lens case you choose, you must remember that the purpose, besides storing them is to keep them free of dirt, dust and bacteria.